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  • Cara Foley

    Cara Foley


    Currently at the University of Kent, Cara is studying for a Masters in Reproductive Medicine. She also holds a degree in biological sciences from the University of Oxford. She is particularly interested in human biology.

  • Claire Gilby

    Claire Gilby


    London-based writer Claire specialises in all things environmental and scientific, including conservation science and policy. Claire also sits on the committee for the Association of British Science Writers.

  • Jenny Gimpel

    Jenny Gimpel


    Jenny has written for Defra’s Landscape magazine, the Society for Experimental Biology and BBC Human Mind. She works for the Environment Agency and holds a PhD in environmental chemistry.

  • Rhiannon Grant

    Rhiannon Grant


    An Edinburgh-based real life researcher, Rhiannon is most enthusiastic about communicating the joy of science to people who think they hate all science. She currently works as a technician in a neuroscience lab.

  • Charles Harvey

    Charles Harvey


    A freelance science journalist and blogger from London, Charles writes on all things bright and scientific and tweets @charlesharvey.


  • Robin Hersom

    Robin Hersom


    Robin is interning at the Public Engagement, Media and Grants team at the MRC’s Clinical Sciences Centre to learn about science communication, and as part of the job is researching and writing for BPoD.

  • Bertie Gyenes

    Bertie Gyenes


    Bertie is a PhD student in André Brown’s group at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre. He is keen on brains, worms and flies, and will also read articles that have ‘high-throughput’ or ‘modelling’ in their title.


  • Mary-Clare Hallsworth

    Mary-Clare Hallsworth


    Mary-Clare has a passion for communicating science from the inner workings of the brain to Victorian technology. She also enjoys getting messy creating hands-on science activities for education.

  • Katherine Hardy

    Katherine Hardy


    Katherine is a neuroscience graduate who is now studying a PhD in hearing loss after a year out working in healthcare advertising. She enjoys writing for the university newspaper and has a strong interest in science communications.